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SoundGear is the leader in recreational and professional hearing solutions. We have products that not only help you in your recreational activities but protect in loud environments as well. Our custom electronic, instant fit electronic, and custom passive devices are designed for reliability and performance. Take your hearing protection to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

I loved the ease of the no pressure appointment and the helpfulness of all the employes. Tiffany was informative and easy to talk with. Thank you, I will come back and refer my friends.

Zoe Ann Cook, on Google

Obtaining hearing aids from Willoughby hearing was completely simple. Best thing I've done for myself. I got great 👍 & easy to use & storage. I love my set. Thank u Willoughby hearing.

Debra Schaffer, on Google

ANYWHERE within the Portland Metro and Salem areas that I have traveled, I have specificly sought out Willoughby Hearing for my GoTo hearing-aid support service. They have yet to let me down or disappoint me with their services. High Praise? Because they've Earned it! Had they done anything else, I...

Feral Maraud, on Google

I have been using Willoughby Hearing for several years, starting with my mom needing hearing aides, and then needing them myself. Don't waste your time on cheap hearing aides from Costco that don't work. Yes, they are half the price, but do yourself the service of at least scheduling a...

Annette Helmbold, on Google

Cynthia was friendly/helpful getting me started as this was the first time there. Tiffany made me feel comfortable taking the test including explaining very clearly everything she was doing. At the end of the test she also clearly explained the results and what my options were for hearing aids Even...

Linda S, on Google

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