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Everything we do is designed around your need for individual care.

Whether it is your first time having your hearing checked, your current hearing instruments are needing to be cleaned and adjusted, or you simply want a second opinion, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you hear better.

We are known for operating with integrity, empathy, and precision in finding solutions for individual hearing needs no matter how mild or profound and our patients can expect to be treated like family.

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Customer Reviews

I’m having an “intermittent “ problem with the left hearing aid. Of course it wasn’t presenting with the problem when I was at the appointment. They were very kind, cleaned and checked out everything. When it happens again I will be back. In the meantime all is well. 😁

Elayne Durham, on Google

Always easy to talk too! They listen so well to my rambling on!😂And try to fix things that need fixed , in a way that includes my thoughts! Thank you!

Dana Gadberry, on Google

It's always a pleasure to see Tiffany and Cynthia st the Salem office. They are always responsive to my hearing aid needs and questions. I heartily recommend them!

Jean Bacic, on Google

Knowledgeable/friendly service!

Sherri Ellington, on Google

I wanted to learn as much as possible prior to purchase. I asked a great many questions; Tiffany was very patient and walked me through the entire process. Tiffany also allowed me to walk from room to room, with and without the hearing aid installed as she continued our conversation....

Robert Willis, on Google

Brittney Mack, on Google

Steven Thongvanh, on Google

Thanks for the service that you always provide for me. You’re one of the reasons that I am able to come in and have my hearing aids cared for and know that it will be done well. The service today is absolutely fantastic as well. Thank you.

Veronica Meidus-Heilpern, on Google

Mark Piercy, on Google

I was very pleased with the service that I received. The office is is very attractive and the staff very professional and helpful.

Shirley Fleischmann, on Google

Brooke Nelson, on Google

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